Using nano particles to improve the performance of your whiteboard may sound like future-tech, but the innovative Fusion Nano-Clean™ board surface is here today. Nano-clean is a hy[...]
18th century English theologian Joseph Priestly once said: The message of this quote is clear: when it comes to communicating…keep the method simple. This is especially true in the[...]
Take a few moments and think about some of the most successful entrepreneurs. People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Oprah Winfrey probably come to mind. These ar[...]
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Abilities wither under faultfinding, blossom under encouragement. ~ Donald A. Laird This quote reinforces the value of constructive criticism. People don’t like to be told that the[...]
Most modern professionals no longer suffer from the feeling of being “chained to a desk.” Tablets and smartphones have evolved to the point where even a laptop, let alone a desktop[...]
Last year was a pretty good one as far as innovation goes. Despite trouble, the government launched a new healthcare initiative. Pinterest continued to grow, allowing businesses an[...]
  It’s not a good sign if you get bored with your own presentation, especially if you are just practicing. If you aren’t excited about what you have to say your audience will [...]
The purpose of a meeting agenda is to let attendees know what is going to be discussed at the meeting. An effective agenda will not only be informative but also make your meetings [...]
We all have attended at least one brainstorming session that did not produce the desired result – great ideas. Organizing and leading any type of meeting can be difficult, an[...]