For the past few years, the concept of crowdfunding has become very popular. Having people fund a project online has had countless success stories, with some projects receiv[...]
There are a few things that stand in the way of innovation. One that you’ve probably heard, and may be guilty of saying yourself, is that innovating is too hard. It’s intimidating,[...]
  Is it possible Pinky and the Brain might have succeeded if they had spent a little more time on step 1 or step 2? Here at Quartet, we design products that can help you innov[...]
nce upon  a time, technology was more science fiction that it was science. People knew how everything worked. There wasn’t the mystery and general acceptance that is associated wit[...]
Those who argue in favor of innovation will be the first to tell you that innovation is not hard, on paper. It only becomes difficult when you need to make it a reality. Innovation[...]
Every organization needs to innovate, and change with the times, to stay relevant in their industry and interesting to their customer base. A good first step for any organization i[...]
“Age is not a guarantee of efficiency.”  – Q “Youth is not a guarantee of innovation.” – James Bond This conversation takes place when 007 first meets his new quartermaster i[...]
Last year was a pretty good one as far as innovation goes. Despite trouble, the government launched a new healthcare initiative. Pinterest continued to grow, allowing businesses an[...]
Simply striving for innovation doesn’t necessarily make you an innovator. It is often thought that doing something a little different it all it takes to innovate. That is a good st[...]
A new television series on the Fox network, Almost Human, is set in the near future when technology is advancing so fast that it can no longer be effectively regulated. To try and [...]