Capture. Save. Share. Real-time sharing is that easy with a Quartet® SMART kapp™ board. Quartet®, the world’s largest provider of whiteboards, has teamed up with SMART Technologies[...]
18th century English theologian Joseph Priestly once said: The message of this quote is clear: when it comes to communicating…keep the method simple. This is especially true in the[...]
Unless you’ve been hibernating for the past few years you know about Pinterest. It is scrapbooking come to life on the internet. The site describes itself as “a visual discovery to[...]
Most modern professionals no longer suffer from the feeling of being “chained to a desk.” Tablets and smartphones have evolved to the point where even a laptop, let alone a desktop[...]
  Have some down time at work or need a break from your busy schedule? Grab a whiteboard and a dry-erase maker and start doodling. OFM and Quartet and are in search of the bes[...]
Stuck inside on a rainy day? Want to create a new, fun activity for the classroom? Need something to keep students interested? Quartet Education Lap Boards are the perfect size for[...]
While everyone needs an effective way to stay organized, each person has their own preference when it comes to what works best. Computers, smartphones and even watches have calenda[...]
Do you ever have a morning where you get settled in at your desk but aren’t sure what to do next? Getting into a groove for a productive day can be difficult for a number of [...]
  For a quick and easy way to keep track of your family’s comings and goings, there is no better to communicate than with a calendar whiteboard or planner. But not just some o[...]
In hospitals, where life-and-death decisions are made every day, accurate communication between doctors, nurses and patients is essential. One of the ways that hospital staffers en[...]