For the past few years, the concept of crowdfunding has become very popular. Having people fund a project online has had countless success stories, with some projects receiv[...]
When was the last time you had fun? Chances are likely it was not while you were at work. It’s all too easy for 8 hours a day in an office or cubicle to turn into a stuffy, boring [...]
Unless you’ve been hibernating for the past few years you know about Pinterest. It is scrapbooking come to life on the internet. The site describes itself as “a visual discovery to[...]
“Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.” ~ Dee Hock, founder of the Visa credit card association    Does it seem a bit curious that a former cr[...]
There are a few different reasons people like quotes. The first is because they are relevant. A quote is usually an observation about an essential piece of life that the majority o[...]
nce upon  a time, technology was more science fiction that it was science. People knew how everything worked. There wasn’t the mystery and general acceptance that is associated wit[...]
Relying on your memory alone makes coming up with new ideas harder than necessary. There is no brainstorming rule that says you can’t use what is around you as a starting point for[...]
According to webmd.com article 40% of workers in the United States report that their job causes stress. One of the causes of that stress is having too much work to do in too little[...]
‘Artist’ or ‘Graphic Designer’ are not the only job titles that requires a good deal of creativity. Anyone who works in music, research and development, advertising, marketing, pro[...]
Have you ever noticed that when you try to be creative that is when it becomes the hardest? Creativity, by definition, requires spontaneity. Unfortunately, we can’t force spontanei[...]