In today’s society, working more than 8 or 9 hours has become frequent. There are times when work has to be done from home. No matter what the position is, employees from entry lev[...]
  For the past few years, the concept of crowdfunding has become very popular. Having people fund a project online has had countless success stories, with some projects receiv[...]
Let’s face it; becoming distracted at work is practically inevitable.  Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are only a click away from transporting us to a world [...]
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In recent business news it was announced that Olive Garden added a burger to their restaurant menu in an attempt to increase their lunch crowd numbers. More variety certainly isn’t[...]
Have you ever noticed that when you try to be creative that is when it becomes the hardest? Creativity, by definition, requires spontaneity. Unfortunately, we can’t force spontanei[...]
As the year comes to close there’s almost always one thing you can count on – a holiday office party. Parties should be fun but this often turns into a dreaded event for managers, [...]