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Using nano particles to improve the performance of your whiteboard may sound like future-tech, but the innovative Fusion Nano-Clean™ board surface is here today. Nano-clean is a hy[...]
Capture. Save. Share. Real-time sharing is that easy with a Quartet® SMART kapp™ board. Quartet®, the world’s largest provider of whiteboards, has teamed up with SMART Technologies[...]
5 Productivity Tricks Is one of your resolutions to become more productive in the New Year? It’s a popular selection. The good news is increasing your productivity and improving yo[...]
18th century English theologian Joseph Priestly once said: The message of this quote is clear: when it comes to communicating…keep the method simple. This is especially true in the[...]
In today’s society, working more than 8 or 9 hours has become frequent. There are times when work has to be done from home. No matter what the position is, employees from entry lev[...]
With the New Year approaching, people start thinking about their New Year’s resolutions. These usually range from losing weight to trying something new and exciting. In terms of wo[...]
  “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” The holidays are now in full swing. People are thinking about being with their families and friends, wrapping gifts, and indulgin[...]
  For the past few years, the concept of crowdfunding has become very popular. Having people fund a project online has had countless success stories, with some projects receiv[...]
Are you impressed with the performance of your Quartet® whiteboard? Or maybe you have one of our other products that helps you organize your great ideas? Not only do we want to hea[...]