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Whiteboards are great tools to help you communicate more effectively, so you can be more organized and productive. But whiteboards come in many different sizes, styles and surfaces. So how do you decide which whiteboard is right for you?

At Quartet®, we can help. We have many whiteboard designs to fit any need and budget. Quartet has top-line DuraMax® porcelain whiteboards that will not stain or ghost, Total Erase® whiteboards that erase cleanly, and melamine and magnetic whiteboards that are durable and economical.

For the ultimate in whiteboard performance, the ideaShare2™ interactive whiteboard offers superior features and functionality. The ideaShare2 system is:

  • 4 boards in 1
  • Delivers more functionality than conventional whiteboards
  • Functions as a Collaborative Whiteboard, Interactive Whiteboard, Copy Board and Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard
  • Improve office communication and productivity
  • Saves time, money and travel expenses